Series : 07-10-19

It smell good, soft and powdery. Even tho I can’t stand a strong smell

Canon G7x Mii

Series : 10-10-19

Now I can upload a vlog on my Youtube channel

Double Pink Coffee Frappuchino

Series : 15-10-19

I ordered a Special drink for the month ? It’s delicious. And with cheaper price too

Korean Shake salad

Series : 15-10-19

Trying to eat salad and it’s buy 1 get 1 :)........ ?? Yummy


Series : 17-10-19

So yummy. i love the mushrooms ??? Simple foodies with aesthetic vibe

Drawing at foodcourt

Series : 18-10-19

I’m used to drawing in public and that’s help me coping with boredom and repetitive routine


Series : 20-10-19

Actually, I already packed this Cake tier (I’m moving out soon) but I need it to make my vlog looks good.. Unfortunately, my camera battery has died. So myabe I’ll record it tomorrow


Series : 23-10-19

I have so much fun hangout with my friends today.

My room

Series : 22-01-20

I painted clouds to my ceiling. It's been 2 month since I moved out from my rent room at central town to my parents' house... The situation here always make feel artblock. I don't have any will to draw at all... I feel like dying


Series : 08-04-20

I bought my first 2 Branded Watches... I'm so happy I finally get this cute flower theme